Quantitative Psychological Theory and Musings

Monday, April 12, 2010

Posts in Progress

I apologize for going nearly a week-and-a-half without a post, but I've been very busy and working on some posts that are taking longer than anticipated.

For example, I'm considering whether antisocial behavior(sociopathic) can result from extreme depression, and how to formalize such a relationship.

I am also considering cases in which general intelligence, defined as relatively high stimulus processing rates, can make for less intelligent decisions.

Another post in progress is one on the attractiveness of older women to younger men.

And, there is consideration of the reason bullying occurs among children.

So, please have patience as I try to put as much quality into my posts as possible.

Yes, maybe I'm spreading my attention too thin by simultaneously working on so many posts, but I've been shifting toward topics that I've incorrectly thought would take less time to complete.

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