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Thursday, February 11, 2010

About This Blog

I don't know much about blogging. As the gap in time between my first and this post illustrates, I haven't previously had much interest. I now hope to use this forum to share what I suspect are some unique perspectives on human behavior, from a behavioral economic point of view.

The topics addressed here will at times touch upon nearly every aspect of the human experience and posit answers to long pondered mysteries. Topics will include learning, the nature of mood and emotions, motivation, and the many implications. My goal will be to try to avoid making my posts overly complex, but sufficiently detailed to properly convey ideas as precisely and completely as relevant. I ask that any readers let me know how successful I am in this regard.

Many readers will find that my approach involves a very different way of thinking about why we behave as we do. Hence, it is important to approach this blog with an open mind if you're to appreciate the ideas expressed here.

Update: I will be improving the number and quality of references, as needed.  On the later, I will replace single references merely consistent with my models, with examplar papers, reviews, and meta-analyses.  This is a time consuming process and I want to get most posts before returning to these matters.

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